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3D Organic Polymer Silk is a material mobilization platform led by a team of dedicated interdisciplinary researchers motivated by curiosity and innovation. 3D-OPS was founded by three University of California Davis undergraduate students who saw a need for a new biomaterial and were inspired by the often-overlooked processes of the natural world around them. Specifically, the silk-spinning capabilities of the Nephila clavipes Golden Orb Weaver and its applications to biotechnology and biomedical devices. 

Our technology comes from the principles of biomimicry and sustainable engineering design. We develop our designs through biological, chemical, and physical simulation of the subject to produce a reproducible, humane, low-cost, and reliable product. 

3D-OPS is currently working on developing technological solutions that will revolutionize the future of musculoskeletal injury and joint capsular repair.  


Spider Silk  as  a medical textile

Spider silk is a unique substance and structure offering unparalleled biomaterial advantages. Silk is biodegradable, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and supports cell proliferation. It is also 5x the strength of steel by weight, 7x more elastic than Spandex, and 20x more adhesive than super glue! These properties make it remarkably suited for constructing artificial implants, surgical sealants, and medical textiles.


Silk and web structures already closely resemble that of human skin and fibrous ligament tissue, while the resistance of fibrous structures has been shown to be similar to nerve tissue. Spider silk as a biomaterial for surgical applications can revolutionize musculoskeletal treatments by providing patients with safer treatment options, quicker recoveries, and customized implants that ensure long-term mechanical and biological capabilities. 

Read more to discover how 3D-OPS uses a novel fabrication process to develop a line of Silk Fibroin (SF) products!

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Introducing the Ariadne 1.0, a novel pre-printing process and prototype capable of turning a spidroin protein solution into fibroin strands to 3D print with spider silk. By chemically and mechanically simulating the silk spinning process that occurs in the abdomen of the Nephila Clavipes, The Ariadne 1.0 offers a silk spinning solution that is non-toxic, sustainable, and fully customizable to suit a range of potential surgical applications. The use of widely available materials and non-caustic chemicals makes this bioprinter a more eco (and human) friendly and fiscally competitive alternative to existing market technologies.                                                                                                                                           

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Spider Glue

Thanks to our incredible partnership with stakeholders like the UC Davis Orthopedic Lab, our team has discovered a brand new application for our SF products. The market for surgical adhesives has not seen a novel development in decades, leaving surgeons desperate for an adhesive that has high mechanical and bonding strength, while maintaining biocompatibility. At 3DOPS, we are now developing our patented SF stock solution into a glue that will prove to be a more effective alternative to industry standards and improve surgical methods.


We hope that our new "Spider Glue" can be used as an internal tissue adhesive, a hemostatic agent, and an external skin sealant. From bone fixation to nerve repair, our glue will provide mechanical support to damaged tissue and encourage the regrowth of native cells, reducing complications, allowing for early motion postoperatively, and ultimately improving outcomes. Our partners are pleased to say that Spider Glue already shows more promise than available adhesives on the market. 

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