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“This innovation has the potential to offer the best of synthetic and biological meshes. The ‘spider mesh’ would be stronger than native tissue, have pliability, and with its resistance to infection, could be used in infected fields. To be able to use a 3D printer to create the mesh onsite would eliminate the need for stocking multiple different sizes and eliminate waste.”

James Fields

Chief of Surgery at St Luke’s The Woodlands

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“Having an implant that is antibacterial, modifiable in size and modifiable in strength and flexibility characteristics, solves many medical dilemmas. “

Domingo Hallare

Orthopedic Surgeon

“As a trauma surgeon that treats many different types of concurrent injuries involving many different parts of the human body, the ability to find something that can be specifically designed for the wide array of injuries I see would be a welcome tool to add to my toolbelt. “

Maya Legett

Trauma Surgeon

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The 3D-OPS team's innovations are trailblazing the development of a set of technologies that has the potential to change how biomaterials and utilized in the medical industry, but their greatest achievement might ultimately become being a model for how a team of ambitious undergraduate researchers can independently come together to tackle real-world problems. 

Andrew Yao

Biomedical Development Engineer

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Stakeholder Interviews: Press Kit
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